Hello there!

I am Seetha, the creator of unwind handmade products.

Soap making is not just a passion for me. I felt guilty for throwing out empty bottles and containers to trash. I was worried about their ingredients, which I cannot even pronounce.
I strongly believe that our body and environment is no longer a place for all those commercial trashes. Replacing your shampoo and body wash bottles with a soap bar is the first step to a sustainable zero waste life style. It is never too late to start an eco-friendly life style.

About my products:
  • My soaps are made with skin loving very familiar ingredients. I love using natural additives like milk, botanicals and fruit/veg purees in my recipes. I am not sure how much of it's benefits will stay after saponification, but sure that they will not turn harmful. As soaps are wash away products, I do have a colored line of natural soaps.
  • My bath and body products are made with 100% natural ingredients, including my bath bomb collection.
  • My leave on skin products like whipped body butter (99% organic ingredients), lotion bars and lip balms ( both contain organic oils and butters and local beeswax) are made with organic, raw unrefined and virgin ingredients wherever possible.
All my products listed here are palm oil free and vegetarian. Some of my products contain milk, local bees wax and honey. Please see the ingredient list and make sure it fits your life style before purchasing.

Happy shopping! And don't hesitate to reach out via below channels if you have any questions.